New generation electric bicycles.

With our advanced S-BIKES iQ technology, we have developed a new generation of electric bikes which combines the world of electric mobility with the world of style.

S-BIKES electric bikes will forever change your mind about cycling. Travel will take on a new dimension thanks to S-BIKES bikes, making it possible for you to reach destinations you never reached  before.

In 2016, we set the new standards for mobility with our first electric folding bike. Ever since then, we have been constantly upgrading our models and creating inspiring bikes.

Why an Electric Bike?

Modern lifestyles on the move create the need for new forms of transportation. The electric bike is the most modern of them. The S-BIKES have an iQ system to help you reach up to 25 km / hr quickly and without effort. Making ringing this electric bike a true breeze.  Take a look at all our S-BIKES?

Forget about the climbs which you finished absolutely tired. Thanks to electric assistance you will climb every hill without getting tired of cycling. The S-BIKES are not just a vehicle. It is a pioneer of a new era of mobility combined with true style. We are setting the standard of alternatives of public transportation.

The concept of S-BIKES

The S-BIKES wheels represent an innovative cycling concept. They put upside down how we were used to using the bike so far. With the help of powerful electric motors, they allow us to drive and ascend effortlessly. With the S-BIKES wheels, the desired travel speed of 25 km / h is thus quickly achieved. Several levels of electrical support operation can be determined using the user interface with the trip computer and the advanced S-BIKES iQ system. The acceleration you achieve with electric bikes will also be envied by professional cyclists. Sport mode gives you maximum performance and exceptional acceleration. On the other hand, ECO gives you maximum range with a single charge. Charging alone is quick and easy, as it is done through a regular home electrical outlet.

Why are S-BIKES wheels so special?

The biggest specialty of S-BIKES wheels is the electronics that control the operation of the bike. It’s called the S-BIKES iQ and it represents the brain of the S-BIKES wheels. It senses the condition of the wheel with the help of sensors and communicates with the electric motor, which determines the power of the electrical assistance. The system is a first-generation (ECO-SPORT) upgrade, providing even smoother driving and optimized range.

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