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ABOUT US - S-BIKES - Elektrisch fietsen


S-BIKES is the concept of modern mobility and responds to the challenges of today. The S-BIKES wheels combine attractive design, quality equipment and workmanship and a unique user experience. Management is simple and natural. Just like we used to with regular bikes.

S-BIKES is a Slovenian brand of electric bicycles. The founder of the brand is the company Špan doo, which with its pioneering spirit has been operating since 1982. First, as a small garage company for the protection of the undercarriage, it later developed into a leading tire provider in Slovenia. Today, Spain is a d.o.o. a modern company that personifies mobility at all levels, where the S-BIKES brand is an important place.

The vision became reality.

The vision for the S-BIKES electric bicycle was created in 2015. In conjunction with China’s largest premium bicycle manufacturer and developer, we soon produced the first prototypes. The first model of series production was the Smart 01 model. Folding electric bicycle, which became the first model of the S-BIKES brand.

With a number of user experiences, journalistic testing and development team testing, a new generation of wheels is coming soon: the S-BIKES family of electric bikes with the F50e, M50e and C60e models is emerging.

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