Quick help for S-BIKES users

We have prepared for you a description of the most commonly used features on S-BIKES wheels and answers to the most frequently asked questions

Sloping Assist

Activate the hill start assist by pressing and holding the switch (-). It automatically drives the bike with the help of an electric motor and accelerates to a speed of 5 km / h. Assistance can be used for both uphill and downhill travel, and assist does not depend on the gearbox selected.

Front and rear LED lights

The S-BIKES wheels are equipped with LED lights. They can be lit by pressing the switch (+) for a longer time. At the same time, the illumination of the trip computer turns on.

Turning the wheel on and off

The wheel is switched on and off via the switch (M). Pressing the wheel for a longer time switches the wheel on and off in the same way. Shorter press of the stylus (M) allows you to stroll through the menus of the S-BIKES iQ.

How to increase the reach of the S-BIKES wheel?

The S-BIKES wheels are equipped with state-of-the-art S-BIKES iQ electronics, which control the operation of the bike and the electric motor to assist the user in driving. Different driving programs also provide different reach and maximum travel speed. To increase the maximum speed, use higher help programs. Use lower help programs for longer reach. These programs load the electric motor less or only when needed, while also adjusting the maximum speed achieved.

How to properly maintain your S-BIKES bike

The S-BIKES electric bicycle must be brought to an authorized service center after purchase and after the first 100 km have been completed, where the main components of the electric bicycle will be reset.

How to charge a S-BIKES wheel

Charging alone is quick and easy, as it is done through a regular home electrical outlet. Charging takes up to 5 hours, depending on how low the battery is. With the F50e and C60e, you can unlock the battery with a wrench to separate it from the wheel. You can charge it anywhere. The bike remains parked in the garage, while the battery is being charged in your living room.

The main functions of the bike can be controlled via a trip computer with the S-BIKES iQ system.

The control of the PC for the M50e and C60e is very similar to that of the smaller F50e. Only the screen is bigger and more transparent.

The rudder height adjustment of the F50e wheel is also equipped with a measuring scale. This way, you know exactly at what height the setting is best for you.

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